Sunday, December 13, 2009

People Under The Stairs Mix


One of my favorite groups has been People Under The Stairs. Reigning from Los Angeles, California the group consists of two ultra talented mc's Thes One and Double K. They both started out as producers who were just huge fans of hip hop and spit lyrically for the love of it. They found each other through their mutual love for the culture and they have been making albums since 1998. Here is a mix of some of my favorites, enjoy. Here is the link for the free download. (This wasn't the track order I wanted but once it was in the zip file i couldn't change it :-(

1. Code Check
2. 43 Labels I Like
3. E Business
4. July 3rd
5. Earth Travelers
6. We'll Be There
7. Good Co.
8. Days Like This
9. San Francisco Knights
10.Hang Loose
11.Crown One's
12.The Dig
13.The L.A. Song
14.Acid Raindrops
15.The Breakdown
16.Cholo Dad

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