Sunday, December 30, 2012

R&B Is Back: Late Nights With Jeremih LP

Late Nights With Jeremih

I was pleasantly surprised coming across Late Nights With Jeremih about a month ago and it's really grown on me.  This is saying a lot because for anyone who knows me, understands that I have felt that r&b has been dead for quite some time.  I really dislike most music that has been released in the past 15 years and it seemed to me especially with r&b music there was less and less really soulful, smooth releases and this has been a breathe of fresh air with some very nice vibes.  Keep It Moving features a sample from Ronnie Foster, Mystic Brew, which was the same sample used by A Tribe Called Quest for Electric Relaxation; so it gives you that Midnight Marauders vibe for sure.   Rosa Acosta just wants to make you start singing along right with him.  I really enjoyed this LP and will include a free download link from  Here are some of my favorite tracks from this album and I hope you enjoy it.

Free Download Late Nights With Jeremih


Friday, December 7, 2012

Das Racist Breaks Up

Victor Vazquez

The alternative hip hop group has called it quits after 4 years.  Seems through confirmed reports their creative hearts are in different projects.  This won't be the definite end to them though, they still have a contract with Sony on an LP that has yet to be worked on.  There is no date released on plans to release that.  Here is the Rolling Stone article with band member Victor Vasquez...

Rolling Stone Das Racist Article



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Culture is Dying, Not Just Hip-Hop

Edward Federinko, Scumbag
(Edward Federinko, professional scumbag and enabler of weak youth.)

  People have been debating for quite some time on whether Hip-Hop music is dead or not.  I have been asked on numerous occasions and I always thought it wasn’t a simple yes or no answer.  First of all I don’t consider music with mainstream distribution from Drake and Lil’ Wayne to be hip-hop.  That statement goes without saying to most of you reading my blog but must be put out there to be very clear when I am talking about hip-hop music.  I truly feel that music is a direct reflection on where society is at that time.  Just do a brief look into the “hippie” movement of 70’s and the rock music that was produced in that decade.  Unbelievable radical soul and rock that embodied the young people that protested with it.  The 80’s that had some very fun and light R&B and pop music that was just fun to dance to and listen to; hey why not everyone had money when Reagan was around. (Even though we all know now that it is a huge reason we’re experiencing serious financial issues now, that are a whole different discussion though.)  The 90’s that was transitioning into this very aggressive “Gangster Rap” genre that was talking about some very intense injustices that were going on at that time.  I know I’m speaking in generalities here but just an example of look at what is going on in the world and you’ll find music doing more than imitating its surrounding.  I think we must keep this in mind when making statements about current hip-hop being dead.

 Reality TV that offers almost zero substance of any kind and takes in almost most cases no talent or ability to become literally defined a “star” with great financial gain and fame.  Our government is filled with ignorance and more people are out of work and making less money than they ever have in their lifetimes.  Education in our country has become an absolute joke.  Teachers are underpaid, students have very little standards to be held accountable to and very little movement is happening to produce an environment where young people are being presented with lofty goals and being challenged.  More people are worried about being sued or simply just not caring in the first place than actually providing change.  It’s the system that is truly broke, hell even teachers are being punished for sending students to the office anymore because they are now a business and can’t be spending time with students who misbehave.  My high school Principal, Edward Federinko, is a criminal.  His title should have been called CEO of Norwin High School, not Principal.  He didn’t care about anyone; he cared about money and his ego.  New facilities, new equipment, new deals, higher enrollment numbers meant more money from the federal and state levels.  Notice how helping young people doesn’t really fit into that goal.   These same facilities are not even allowed to be used by the tax payers who helped support it. 
 Traditional families are now working longer hours and multiple jobs to just support the “American Dream.” More kids are growing up under the tutelage of the Jersey Shore cast then they are their own parents.  Less neighborhood football games and basketball games are being played across the board that’s a fact.  I can’t remember the last time I was in a car and had to slow down while the local kids moved a hockey goal off the road or stop their football play so the car can pass.  That was every day when I grew up.  More children than ever are growing up in the fast food drive thru’s and eating that same meal in front of the tv than seated at the dining room table with a home cooked meal and having a solid discussion on current events.
  So why in the world would we expect anything different from our music outlets?  It’s the same thing happening there as well.  I can’t tell you over the last decade how little number of hip-hop really moved me or inspired me compared to the grand number of hip-hop that I absolutely spit at and couldn’t listen to for a second.  Yes Wiz Khalifa, you’re in that group.  Yes Mac Miller, you’re a weak human being.  Yes a million other acts aren’t even worth naming.  I really only was forced to name those two acts since I live in Pittsburgh and am forced to see a blind following that is very undeserving but does make since if you look at their fans.  They are the weak kids that aren’t into anything.  They are the adults who are going through midlife crisis and hate their jobs but go buy the bar out every weekend in an attempt to blow off steam.  So yes shitty people will love shitty music.  I hope that makes you happy.  Being a whore to the music industry is nothing new but there are artists who have refused to be pimped and are absolutely flourishing because they have the vote of the strong.  Immortal Technique has shown that if you have a good product and do it right, you don’t have to have major distribution behind you to be relevant.  So is hip-hop music dead?  No, it’s there you just have to find it and research.  Which is something most people do not want to do with anything, they want it given to them, they want it now, they want it faster and they want it in excess.  So yes it makes sense why our hip-hop music options are becoming more watered down than the lies our politicians feed us.  You know how all that changes?  By us as a society changing our standards.  Only time will tell which direction it will go.  As long as American Terrorists like Mitt Romney are on TV speaking, it doesn’t look promising. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deltron Event II Tour Begins and New Craft Beer Developed

Deltron Event II, Deltron Event II

  I last reported in April of 2011 that the production for Deltron Event II was coming to a completion on the sequel to the genius work of Deltron3030, a concept album released in 2000 by MC Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Producer Dan the Automator and DJ Kid Koala. The release date seems to be set for this upcoming September and the tour has just recently started in Toronto with other shows scheduled throughout the month in other parts of Canada.  This is very exciting as Deltron3030 is one of my all time favorite hip hop albums and really pushed the envelope of creativity as well as bringing some very funky beats that leaving you wanting more. On top of that Dogfish Head Brewery teamed up with Dan the Automator and created a craft beer named Positive Contact that is available in 750 ml bottles.  Dogfish Head Brewery is also one of my favorite craft breweries out there and some of my favorites include their Chateau Jiahu, 90 min IPA and Midas Touch. Here is an interview done on the recent tour and collaboration for the new brew:

Dan the Automator Interview
by Elliot Sharp

Check out DogFish Head Brewery:
DogFish Head Website


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire

Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire

I was watching an episode of one of my new favorite shows, The Eric Andre Show and he ended the show with a performance from Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire.  Eric Andre always ends his shows with a music act and I wasn't really familiar with this artist.  I was intrigued and started doing some research. I really unraveled some jams I got into and saw a remix to Huzzah with Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown and El-P.  Here is a  strong video, The Song That Never Ends (Part 2) off the LP Merry Exmas & Suck My Dick.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real Music Tuesday

Just going to switch it up and play something strong and that will be from Ms. Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway and their smash duet, The Closer I Get to You.  


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dyna-Sport Performance Training Weight Room Mix

Dyna-Sport, Dyna-Sport Performance Training

There is something special going on off of Route 30 in North Huntingdon, PA; young athletes are being prepared properly for their respective sport under the tutelage of Head Physical Preparation Coach PJ Marks. Too many flaws in the current system in most high school weight rooms and even worse, too many unqualified people are responsible for the care of these athletes. It's gotten so bad that in many of these cases it wouldn't be out of line to call what goes on child abuse. Not due to the hard working environment they are put in, but the inproper positions and loads these athletes are being forced to do incorrectly. This does not go on at Dyna-Sport Performance Training. Each athlete has an individually prepared training program based on many factors that lead to achievement of not only success but reaching their maximal level of performance in their season. Everyone wants to be the best, but most people end up looking like the rest. I decided to dedicate a real hip-hop mix that can be blasted through the speakers in the gym. Real hip-hop for some real athletes. The rest of you can two step to all the wack artists who start with a lil' in front of their names. These athletes have real music to do real workouts to. (Free Download)

01. Gunrunners- Gunrunners
02. Handsome Boy Modeling School- It's Like That
03. Raekwon- Incarcerated Scarfaces
04. Method Man- What the Bloodclot
05. Cannibal Ox- A B-Boy's Alpha
06. Amuck- Anglerfish
07. Public Enemy- Air Hoodlum
08. Marley Marl- The Symphony
09. Hodgy Beats and Tyler the Creator- P
10. D.O.C.- Funky
11. Public Enemy- Rebel Without a Pause
12. Oh No- Move
13. Krs-One- Outta Here
14. Immortal Technique- The 4th Branch
15. Jay Electronica- Exhibit C
16. Celph Titled- Mad Ammo
17. The High and Mighty- The Meaning

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here are some of my favorite images of Odd Future:
Lucas Vercetti, Lucas VercettiTyler The Creator Twitter, Tyler The Creator TwitterOdd Future, Odd FutureTyler The Creator, Tyler The CreatorEarl Sweatshirt, Earl SweatshirtTyler and Waka, Tyler and WakaEarl and Tyler, Earl and TylerTyler The Creator, Tyler The CreatorTyler The Creator, Tyler The CreatorOFWGKTA, OFWGKTA


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

West Coast Warm Up Room Cool Down Mix

D'Angelo Osorio, 2012 Weightlifting National Championships
(D'Angelo Osorio 85kg Hassle Free Barbell Club)

Life has kept me away from writing and that has to change. So I'm back with a strong mix that was inspired by some west coast weightlifters and some west coast hip-hop artists. This will be a good mix for those who don't like to get too amped up before they chalk up and hit the platform and/or when you just want to put your sweats on, headphones and collect your thoughts after pushing yourself with max attempts. I wanted to give a shout out to a well respected group from California, Hassle Free Barbell Club coached by Kevin Doherty. They are really making a huge impact and contribution to USA Weightlifting, keep the great work guys and girls. Here is the playlist and free download link. (Will need winrar. to decompress all the files.)

1. Charizma and PeanutButter Wolf- Methods
2. People Under the Stairs- Suite for Creeper
3. Hieroglyphics- You'll Never Know
4. Quasimoto- The Front
5. DJ Cam- Mad Blunted Jazz
6. Juggaknots- Epiphany
7. Blackalicious- A to G
8. Smif n Wessun- Next Shit
9. GangStarr- Precisely the Right Rhymes
10.Jedi Mind Tricks- Retaliation Remix
11.Lykke Li feat. Tyler The Creator- I Follow U Remix
12.Giant Panda- Sho'Improve
13.Dr.Oop- Circle City Classic
14.Scaramanga- 99 Names
15.People Under the Stairs- The Breakdown
16.BlackMoon- How Many MC's
17.MC Lyte- 10% Diss
18.Hieroglyphics- Oakland Blackouts

Ian Wilson, 2012 94 kg. National Champion
(Ian Wilson 94 kg. National Champion)