Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Interaction With Hip-Hop Legend Melle Mel

Melle Mel

Today's Friday Feel Good Jam comes with a story. The Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio is one of the biggest fitness expos in the world. As I'm making my way around all the various booths with ultra long lines, I notice one table where there isn't a soul. As I get closer I notice it's hip-hop pioneer Melle Mel. I get excited and make my way over. He was signing 8x10 photos of himself for a supplement company. As I get over to the table I just reacted and rapped the verse, "Melle Mel with the clientele, I'm gonna rock your chime and ring your bell!!". He jumps out of his seat with his hand over his mouth and just yells,"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You did not, haha. You just made my day brotha!!" He then signed a picture for me and I paid my respects and we talked briefly. :-). I feel pretty fortunate at least for one time I got to spit a verse to a legend. And that verse is actually from today's Friday Feel Good Jam- Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five- Freedom.



  1. Post the picture he signed for you! Did you get a pic with him???

  2. I have the big picture he signed for me. I didn't have a camera on me at the time I don't have one with me and him. I don't have a scanner I'll see how I can get that picture posted up.

  3. Melle Mel = The Greatest Of All-Time in many respects ... He is the greatest entertainer, rapper, performer, MC, bboy, HipHop human being imaginable ... Crossing paths with him is always amazing ... Back in 04 when we did our PRT-Wise Intelligent show here in LA, he, Whip and Caz showed up and made it an amazingly all-time great moment ... I know some people filmed it and hold out on the tape ... they know they got historical footage and do not share or give it back to us to be shady, putting shade on the shows we did ... 2004 was an amazing year for us doing shows here every week ... We had so many amazing memories, and so little support and respect from the community here in LA while we did it ... X Clan, PRT, Bushwick Bill (Lord Finesse shows up), Insight, Edan, Jeru, Special Ed, Count Bass D, among many more ... Legends of the past, present and future were revolving thry the door, totally un-coincidentally, to say the least ... lol ... Can't wait to see Melle Mel again ... One of my favorite memories that year or ever was Melle on stage dissing every possible greatest-MC contender in song then at the end declaring "Fuck Rap! This is HipHop! Fuck Rap!" ... Hearing Melle and Premo say the shit I say and they cannot be dissed like I am for it, very satisfying and gratifying ...

    P.S. Got your letter today MG! Thanks is just a word ... Those are the most satisfying and gratifying experiences ever ...

  4. Thanks for sharing A.C. and your very welcome. It's all love.