Sunday, December 30, 2012

R&B Is Back: Late Nights With Jeremih LP

Late Nights With Jeremih

I was pleasantly surprised coming across Late Nights With Jeremih about a month ago and it's really grown on me.  This is saying a lot because for anyone who knows me, understands that I have felt that r&b has been dead for quite some time.  I really dislike most music that has been released in the past 15 years and it seemed to me especially with r&b music there was less and less really soulful, smooth releases and this has been a breathe of fresh air with some very nice vibes.  Keep It Moving features a sample from Ronnie Foster, Mystic Brew, which was the same sample used by A Tribe Called Quest for Electric Relaxation; so it gives you that Midnight Marauders vibe for sure.   Rosa Acosta just wants to make you start singing along right with him.  I really enjoyed this LP and will include a free download link from  Here are some of my favorite tracks from this album and I hope you enjoy it.

Free Download Late Nights With Jeremih