Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dyna-Sport Performance Training Weight Room Mix

Dyna-Sport, Dyna-Sport Performance Training

There is something special going on off of Route 30 in North Huntingdon, PA; young athletes are being prepared properly for their respective sport under the tutelage of Head Physical Preparation Coach PJ Marks. Too many flaws in the current system in most high school weight rooms and even worse, too many unqualified people are responsible for the care of these athletes. It's gotten so bad that in many of these cases it wouldn't be out of line to call what goes on child abuse. Not due to the hard working environment they are put in, but the inproper positions and loads these athletes are being forced to do incorrectly. This does not go on at Dyna-Sport Performance Training. Each athlete has an individually prepared training program based on many factors that lead to achievement of not only success but reaching their maximal level of performance in their season. Everyone wants to be the best, but most people end up looking like the rest. I decided to dedicate a real hip-hop mix that can be blasted through the speakers in the gym. Real hip-hop for some real athletes. The rest of you can two step to all the wack artists who start with a lil' in front of their names. These athletes have real music to do real workouts to. (Free Download)

01. Gunrunners- Gunrunners
02. Handsome Boy Modeling School- It's Like That
03. Raekwon- Incarcerated Scarfaces
04. Method Man- What the Bloodclot
05. Cannibal Ox- A B-Boy's Alpha
06. Amuck- Anglerfish
07. Public Enemy- Air Hoodlum
08. Marley Marl- The Symphony
09. Hodgy Beats and Tyler the Creator- P
10. D.O.C.- Funky
11. Public Enemy- Rebel Without a Pause
12. Oh No- Move
13. Krs-One- Outta Here
14. Immortal Technique- The 4th Branch
15. Jay Electronica- Exhibit C
16. Celph Titled- Mad Ammo
17. The High and Mighty- The Meaning

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  1. Your weight room mixes are sick! Who is the dude squatting in the video?

  2. His name is Bobby Noble and don't be surprised if you hear big things from him in the near future playing quarterback.