Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amuck Upcoming Shows


To say Amuck is creating a buzz in the city of Pittsburgh is a major understatement. He has been steadily improving as an artist since 2007 with his release of Starving Artist. I'm excited to announce that Amuck has a couple of shows coming up at Altar Bar in the Strip District. On Tuesday May 10th he is rocking with AWOLNATION as part of an event sponsored by 105.9 the X. Admission is free to this show. On Thursday May 12th Amuck is on the ticket with Hed PE & Mushroomhead. Tickets for the show will $20 and you can contact me @ or Amuck @ We promote the artist getting as much of the cut as they can. I had the pleasure of catching up with Amuck and exploring what's been in the works with him as of recent. So here you go ...

How well do you feel you fit in with the acts you'll be sharing the stage with in your upcoming shows?

I'm not sure I've ever played a show where I truly "fit in," and I think that's a good thing, but there are certainly elements of both bills that could be advantageous for my act. Awolnation is actually a pretty good match-up for me because we both have strong undercurrents of Hip-hop, Rock and Electronica in our music. I may have more of a foundation in Hip-hop than he does, but I think that at the end of the day his fans are eclectic individuals who thirst for material that is high-energy yet obscure, and I think that makes me the perfect man for the job.

The Hed PE/Mushroomhead show is a little bit more slippery of a slope. Both of these bands have carved a pretty precise demographic of fans for themselves, and when you get those fans together in the same venue, you have to expect a lot of testosterone, angst and bravado. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just something that will be in the foreground of my mind when I hit the stage. These people might be a little apprehensive about me at first because I'm not what they're used to - my goal is that, by the end of my set, I earn the respect of every person in the audience by leaving everything I have out there. I think it will be a case of raw-passion transcending any preconceived notion, and I anticipate gaining a whole slew of new Amuck fans with this performance.

What can we expect to hear from you at these shows?

I'll be performing a lot of songs from my latest release "Improbabilities", and there MIGHT even be some special guests in the house to rock some of those songs with me. My producer Sikes will also be helping me out with some hype-man duty - he's an unreal artist and performer and he's the one guy I trust to have my back when I pick up a microphone. And I may or may not have some never-before-heard jams to unleash upon the Altar Bar..but my attorney has advised me not to speak on the matter any further at this time.

So to paraphrase: Rhymes, beats, and explosions.

Can you tell us about the progress you're making on your new album that you're currently working on?

Things are going swimmingly. I'm more excited about this new album than anything I've done in the past; it's like "Improbabilities" on anabolic steroids. I got work with Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul/Darktimesunshine fame and my best friend Kiltervision in the same track. I'm working with musicians from some of my favorite homegrown hardcore, punk and indie outfits to give the beats a "full band" kind of feel. DJ Gajamagic (currently of Champagne Champagne, formerly of The Blood Brothers) is chipping in on some production, which is totally surreal because his music was a monumental influence on me in high school. It really feels like everything is coming full-circle.

I'm more on point with my lyrics and concepts than ever before, and I can't wait to get this album into people's hands. Unfortunately, there is no set timetable for a release date at the moment..but if I had to guess, I would tell fans to be on the lookout for it to drop late 2011/early 2012.

Amuck-The Unfettered Ones by Amuck

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  1. Basick spoken like a true champion. You going to be in the house for any of these shows?

  2. dude is pretty dope

  3. Yo does Amuck just play around your way M.G.? I need more...

  4. Fred I just updated the page with his social network information, keep up with him 4 real.