Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weightroom Jams

Mike George

When it's time to get dirty on the platrom here are some jams that are just as mean and dirty.



  1. Good post man. There are definitely jams that are more advantageous than others in terms of gettin' motivated and PUMPED DAT SHIT up...I agree with your list, and as an uneducated add-on supplement throw in some Bionic Jive, Weird Science, Public Enemy, NWA, Aesop Rock (anything from Labor Days, Anything Immortal Technique, Anything Jus Allah, Basick Sickness(in particular "WTF OMG"), Sikes (in particular "Reel em' in in) and Amuck (in particular the new jam "Anglerfish")

  2. I have volumes of cd's for days that are weightroom jams I definitely could go on forever, there is a newer jam from Amuck that he busted out recently at a live show that I really fell in love with and i need to have it so it can blast through the speakers in the gym.