Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dr.Oop Capone - The Greatful Dread


I'm super excited to provide a link to what is to be a mega smash of a true hip-hop album. Dr. Oop Capone from Los Angeles California has just released The Greatful Dread LP. I am feeling this from start to finish, extremely fresh, funky and just makes you want to smile and move your feet. The breakout single is titled Green Butta and here is a link to that video.

I would like to give a special thanks to A.C. the Program Director for leaking this to me this past December when they were finishing everything up on the album. Have been bumping it ever since. Here is a link to purchase the LP for $10 or individual mp3's for $1. Enjoy.



  1. This song sucked and by sucked I mean got sucked off by all the phony hip hop MC's out there currently. Thank MG for keeping hope alive in my heart with your reviews! PWales

  2. This is sick! MG, you're always hookin us up with great hip hop, would've probably not found this otherwise. My man!

  3. Thanks a lot guys for the support!