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My reflection of Galactic Brethren The Fall of Zidor

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   This is not a new release and it's taken me the necessary time to really digest this masterpiece.  I'm still not even close to be doing done processing this beautiful funk mind trip but I gotta sit down and write about this before I never do.  (Still doing the same with listening to Krs-One speak, that is coming once I put his fucking book down for 2 seconds.) There are albums that have just grown on me, challenging thought process, picking up something new, vibing to a beat in a different way just an evolving self regulating organism that you can't bottle or contain.  Some of those albums include Gza Liquid Swords, Deltron 3030, Cage Movies for the Blind, People Under the Stairs O.S.T. just to name a few.  This album is being placed in that group for those reasons I mentioned above.  There is just a refreshing nature about the finished product of this album.  Brother Seamus and Moemaw Naedon make up this eclectic duo that go by Galactic Brethren.  Connect Rhymes mixed and mastered all tracks with Naedon.  And the amazing artwork for the album cover was done by Ronnie Hicks.  That within itself is just a must have piece of art.  This is one of those rare releases that was made by real hip hoppas for real hip hoppas.  This is real, solid, well done, well executed, well polished hip hop music.  Period.  It doesn't need a major label distribution deal to be given praise for selling units or making mad money.  That can be used by people who exploit the art for gain, this is for the art by the sweat and the pain.  A wonderful concept album that leaves you with a little something you just can't touch or define.  It's not so direct and predictable like so many things out there anymore. 

   Biological Energy just made me smile and perk up because I love how the beats and vocals were layered over each other to just set the tone.  I've always been intrigued by that style and I don't have the production experience to probably give it the technical description it deserves, but it's fucking sweet.  Brighter Day just just makes you wiggle in your seat and starts you bobbing your head like you may have a neurological condition.  I couldn't sit still from the intro and I wanted to just stand up and bob my head and I'm not even past track two yet.  Then the gear shifts, The Galactic Brethren is just a super smooth jam that I love to let it hit me like a strong gust of wind that you just get moved into the direction of the words and flow and that transition that has that kind of dark, classic steady sound Moemaw and Connect will have to explain that for you, haha.  Now this is where I'm going to have to probably stop doing track by track because I feel like I could simply just write a book on this.  Not even joking about that at all.  Because track 5, Rediscovery is one of my favorite songs I've heard in a long time.  So I'm going to just share with you this verse as it struck me and I love singing this and thinking of the exploration of records and the process of going through all of them with the unexpected joy that you get from finding that beat, that break, that sample, that snare, that hi-hat.  So for everyone who's been record digging and loves music, you're welcome...

Slide a record out the stack carefully selected
Time and money burned learning tricks and methods
Digging in the box for days I'm in your basement
Dusty finger tips eyes gaze in amazement
At these stacks of wax from back when cats were trying to get paid
I'm a catch the kick back
They put down back then, I pick it up now
Decades go by still circular in sound
Close my eyes, try to visualize
The drummer in the session steady keeping it live
Hey yo, they was on some shit back then
For real man, understand this will never end
Antique shops, moms and pops
I'm in these spots spending all I got
Looking for them rhythms and them breaks to knock
A space long forgot to me they still hot
Resurrect the methods of perception vested
Each piece of vinyl from a studio session
Diggin' for days, thrift store bouncin'
Lost in a maze tryin' to build me a mountain
An archive with live vibes as time goes by
It gets bigger I'm a dig till I die
Records for fun I might sample every one
M-P-C working overtime stay plugged
Into the wall, next to the platter
I get to choppin' problems so the world don't matter
It's rediscovery, see my journey be archaelogy to the third degree!
-Moemaw Naedon

  Then there are sleigh bells added to the beat like a 90's Buckwild beat :-). I mean, I just want to stop typing after that.  That is just, beautiful.  Can't beat that.  That's incredible poetry.  A real feeling that was pouring out that people who love music that much can really appreciate every word of that sentiment.  And I so appreciated that on so many levels.  This is not a review of this album and in no way can I finish this.  I say that because there is just so much here and this album was not maid to be defined but in my interpretation enjoyed and cherished.  It would be a disservice to this album to box it in.  This is just my honest feelings of my real appreciation of this effort, competence and stimulating context of this fun, vibing piece of art.  I am not going to be able to really have a way to really organize this or really end it properly, it's just the way the album is to me.  I was riding home from the bus tonight and track 13 the Sick Ghosts came on and i was like rapping with my hands and I'm sure I got some stares but it was impossible to ever sit still and not either want to move or want to think every time I go through this album.  And that's when you know you're making a connection with something when it provokes thoughts and emotions.  Some of the skits are ridiculous and hilarious as well which is a great way to mix it up.  I think I could probably publish a book on the first word to the last word on this album but would gain a different more complex view of it each year that passed.

   I want to just say thank you for making this and it's just my shit.  Simple as that.  My goal is to purchase a few cd's and mail them to friends in other countries, like Iran, the UK and Columbia.  I would just know my friends who live in these places now would love it but also be curious as to just see where the album could possibly end up.  I mean, the feeling of some good friends smoking some weed chillin' in Columbia to these sounds, someone on a train in Tehran blasting this through their headphones, a house party blasting Rediscovery in London.  That would just be epic!  And that is exactly what this album has to do, is share that feeling with everyone.  I thank you very much for making this and giving me something to really invest my ears and neurological pathways to.  Can't say enough about it. 

   Please go buy the album at:

Galactic Brethren The Fall of Zidor

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