Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fat Beats NYC and L.A. Close Shops


It's a true sign of the times when such iconic images, stores and influences are closing their doors and moving on. Such is the same for the vinyl monster Fat Beats who decided to close up shop in their legendary NYC and L.A. stores. It's not just the fact that those locations are no longer selling vinyl, these are two cities rich in hip hop history and relevance. The live performances, the art work, the people, the culture and the music will be strongly missed in those respective locations. Hip Hop is far from dead, but the online dominance of our culture with convenience and specificity is going to lead to a disconnect to it's audience. It make sense from a business stand point to make such a move for the company, but that word business is exactly what almost everything has become. The love, the genuine emotion and talent is just being left in the dust in general, not just in music. We need to stay together and keep great expression alive people. It's in our power to do so and should be our responsibility.


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