Thursday, July 15, 2010

A.C. The Program Director and HipHopPhilosophy Radio

In 2010, it's really hard to find outlets for music, art, expression, athletics, and many more that have integrity. It's sad to say that but it's true. With so much bullshit out there in this world and people selling out on an hourly basis, this is an important outlet not only to me personally but to everyone who loves real hip hop music. It's A.C. The Program Director who holds the foundation together like no one else out there. He's representing a greater power than himself, he's representing hip hop music. All the quality music that has been put down he's passing it along and keeping it alive so that people like me can enjoy it and keep it alive as well. With his contributions, hip hop will live. No matter what corporate puppetmasters feed you through the mainstream print media, large fm city radio stations and television, there is another option. It's the real option. And if you're a person who stands on his or her own two feet, you don't have to rely on the weak and heartless music that you're being accustomed to. You have this man doing real things and doing it with honor. It's my pleasure to take this time and say I appreciate you and support you. You can show him love and support through his facebook page!/acthepd?ref=ts

He will post announcements when the show goes live and will have links on his page.


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